September’s Diary

The Last Days of Summer… Vouts September Diary 2019
The success of James Johnston’s show and musical evening last week, made me jolt with recognition when reading this piece of Stoicism… ‘If you do what is in front of you with reason, enthusiasm and energy and yet with humanity, free from distractions; no one can hold you back. Marcus Aurelius – Meditations.
So keep doing what you are doing, and so will we at Vouts!
Aug 2019
Tues 27 – Ballet Burlesque Belle models Geoff teaches. Life Drawing 6.30 – 8.40. members £5
Thurs 29 – The Stash Gallery presents Marty Thornton PV. #FAKEASF**K! a reconsidering of luxury from handbags to paintings. 6pm til 11.
Fri 30 –  The End of SummerParty –Has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances… sorry.
Sat 31 – Robertas Bday Party. You are All Invited. Members & friends. Birthday cake.
Sept 2019
Tues 3 – Rachel Darq models Lifedrawing 6.30-8.40
Fri 6 – Toby Osmond + David Wilkinson’s Filmnight. The Roadhouse. Involved with tv or films in any capacity come on down? Shmoozetime.
Sat 7 – Mark Brennans Birthday all members welcome. Closing party for Marty Thorntons show #FAKEASF**K in the gallery. 7pm-
Tues 10 – Life Drawing 6.30-8.40
Wed 11 – The Stash Gallery. PV 80th Birthday Exhibition of Kate Westbrook 6-10 Mike Westbrook will play piano.
Thurs 12 – 7pm Erotic Hypnosis Workshop with Tailor Matched. Ticket link on the website.
Fri 13 – member Charles Sharman Cox + Mark Pinkosh. 2 short films and Q+A. TAKE ME WITH YOU and CALIBAN REMIX a transatlantic collaboration
between Sharman-Cox and ‘Starving Artists Theatre of Los Angeles’, an internationally acclaimed, award winning theatre and film company specializing on themes of love, loss and loneliness.

Sat 14 – Tallulah Jones &The Bandits Live Music A live 1950s psychedelic spectacular performance. £5 members.
Tues 17 – Rachel Darq models. Life Drawing 6.30-8.40. Julia Streets workshop 5-8pm
Wed 18 – Kate Westbrooks birthday celebration. 7-11
Thurs 19 –The Yellow Book Salon presents Stephen Ellcock’s slide show and talk on curation 7-11.
Julia Streets Workshop 5-8 in the garden room.
Fri 20 – The Stash Gallery PV Frank Gray paints Mrs Lowry& son 6-11 in aid of Crohns Disease.
Sat 21 – Footwork – Soul Jazz funk disco. 7- late
Tues 24 – Mrs Lowry & Son private reception 6-11
Thurs 26 – Chris Spring PV A Life in Drawing. 6-11 until 12thOct.
Sat 28 – On Drawing – discussion with Fraser Scarfe, Michelle Griffiths and Dr Chris Spring.7pm.
Wed 2 OCT – The Yellow Book Salon Sue Tilley reads from her book on Leigh Bowery. 7pm.