Join in the Fun membership

Membership is by personal invitation only to appreciators of the special environment.  If at the club Sophie may suggest that you’d make a good member, take it seriously  unless you seriously don’t wish to. You may also suggest to Sophie that you’d like to be a member, you will not be given the 3rd degree but perhaps a gentle 2nd.

Yearly Membership Subscriptions are £375 (incl. VAT) with a one off registration of £100.

All members receive a key ring, a limited edition dictionary of Vout-O-Reenee’s and a membership card.
Each month we will send you the new agenda of gallery and club events. If you wish to celebrate a special event please let us know. You can also chose to be part of our Whatsapp group that has kept us laughing through the pandemic 2020.

Rules of the Club are here

Apply for membership here