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31/07/ 2022       Vout-O-Reenee’s  Aug Diary

Tennesse Williams Quote of the month – Of Course I believe in Angels, they’re called women.


Dear Vouts have you a Birthday you need celebrating?,

August and great realms of you seem to be away. Its fairly quiet but its very cool in the crypt so if you want to meet away from the heat and humidity, Vouts is open Wednesday to Saturday from 5.30 (gallery til 10) 11wed. 12 thurs. 1.fri/sat… Depending on the day. AND You can always call us if you want to organise anything Off Piste Birthday Parties book launches film shows or performances. We are getting booked up in sept Oct so please think about it and let us know asap.

Im off this weekend for part 2 of Carson, my daughters wedding, where does she get her party appetite from? With 8 kilos of cheese from Jumi amazing cheese Hostel in stoke Newington Green But before…

We have a PV this Thursday for a show Ive curated between Sara Leigh Lewis and Iain McKell, wonderful photos of teen life from the 70’s. Remember? This will be busy buzzy .Morgans bday drinks Friday,We have Angel Belsey, publishers book launch,  Daisy fresh from the Sorbonne, musical spectacular on Friday 19th. A Ukranian Folk music night to carry on from the proms. I met Tatiana who’s been in this country a few months, a director and musician in a foreign land the least I could do was offer to help Ukranian musicians stranded in blighty, then Charlotte and Nicks 40th Birthday Party. So enough if you want to crawl into the crypt we are always happy to see you and as I always say about why I love Vouts, you just never know who you might meet…  All tickets and info going on the website, so please book ahead, support  amazing performers.


August  -Thurs 4th  – 6-11 The Teenage Self  Photographs by Sara Leigh Lewis and Iain McKell -From Auckland NZ to Weymouth, Dorset late 70’s teen preoccupation.

Friday 5th  6-1am  Birthday Boy Morgan of the Monet Garden room. Come buy him a drink – Remeber Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

Thurs 11th   Angel Belsey book launch 7-11pm.

Fri 19th   Daisy Johnson singer songwriter artist actress and co. Live Music. £5.

Friday 26th Ukranian Folk Ensemble Tatiana sings and plays flute

Saturday 27th Member Charlotte Eliston and partner Nicks 40th Birthday. As wild a dance party of vintage tunes that you can imagine. Dress up and be ready to jive.

Friday Sept 2nd. Susi Osborne’s book launch Happiness is a Thing with Wings. Her 5th book. Susi also runs the Northwich book festival in Cheshire.

Look forward to boring all of you at some point with  daughters wedding in a field, Hope your all enjoying a  field, beach, pool or whosevers arms your lying in! xx

Love Sophie, Jan and the gals!(ex Directory)