Vout O Reenees 8th Birthday Party Saturday 24th Sept 7pm RSVP

Every year we give a birthday party for Jan’s and my baby, Vout-o-Reenees. That Vouts is already 8 is a testament of how extraordinary the last 3 years have been and now the Q, and all that and this government entails. There has never been a time when Vouts is more necessary, more meaningful for our community of artists, creators’, imaginers of new beginnings. On Saturday the 24th from 7.pm we come together, bedecked in the traditional 8th tokens of Bronze, Linen and lace to celebrate by dancing around the maypole, eating cheese and drinking kir Royales and mostly talking, for if Vouts is about anything unsurreal, it’s named after a dictionary of jive slang for goodness sake! It’s about conversation, the exchange of words laughter and warmth. It is always the best party of the year. Be part of it. RSVP. Members please bring someone you’d like to be a member X