November’s diary 2018

Vout-O-Reenee’s November Diary 2018
Frost has arrived, unfortunately that is not the great artist Terry Frost, long gone but not forgotten; it’s just bloody cold. So it s time to start huddling together and making our own entertainment. In October we had some amazing nights, Vout’s just keeps on getting the best parties and best people, just last week we had Sulamain Addonia’s book launch And Up Yer Weimar Devils Delight. I will try not to remember whoever sang flat The Ring of Fire as we joined in around the piano. It was proper. Katrine The evil Bell Boy won best dressed but a special mention to Diane law as The Last Raven before Brexit at Tower Hill. If you missed that great fancy dress we have another The Damned and the Beautiful this Saturday to go with the mixed show opening on Thursday in The Stash. We also have erotic book launch ms Citron, Drs of Madness Richard Strange, A sensory Perfume workshop and performance, Will Ashons Book about the Wu Tang Clan AND Jonny Hannah. With these names we are spoiling you so don’t expect any Ferrier Roche unless you book your last minute Christmas party. We still have a few spaces left in Dec and remember members dont pay -(except the bar bill!). If you don’t want a party join in with ours. You are always Welcome, you are always invited. If someone says other, they’ll get it from me! It’s happened. Nobody likes a scene but remember Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Thats me.X Love Sophiex + Jan, Holly, Laura, Oti + Valeria!
Thurs 1st 6- 11. The Beautiful and the Damned. Mixed Show curated by member Corinna Eastwood + Sweet ‘Art.mbers £5
Sat 3rd – Beautiful and Damned Costume party with Vanessa Woolf’s ghost stories, live music by Avant-Garde, in celebration of the day of the dead when the veil is at its thinnest between the underworld and our collective unconscious. Welcome the spirits in we will soon enough be among them wwwoooooooo! Members £5 at the door guests £10
Tues 6th Life Drawing 6.30 – 8.40 Members £5 guests £10/15
Thurs 8th 6-12. Lana Citron’s Edible Pleasures book launch calling all ‘gourmands of sensuality’ this is your book, or at least a damn good Xmas pressie signed by the author! Lana is my great friend and a brilliant writer and poet. Special members price. You may reserve but why not join the fun. This will be another fine mess I’ll get you into… hopefully.
Fri 9th Richard Strange back from his Japan tour with The Doctors of Madness plays and raconteurs. Poet jeremy Reed supports. This gets booked out, let me know if you want seats. Guests 10 Mem 5.
Sat 10th Private wedding from 3-9pm. if you want to put on a late disco party please give me a call.
Tues 13th Life Drawing 6.30 – 8.40 stay for a drink after or meet up with mates, might as well.
Thurs 15th GB publishing presents Derek E Pearson’s trilogy The Stone Gospel.
Friday 16th 7pm Perfume Workshop with master Parfumier Nadjib Achaibou, followed by sensory performance 8.30pm includes flavour shots, poetry and live music . Guests £25/half price members. for both. workshop must be booked as limited numbers. £15/half price members.
Saturday 17th – member Angeliques 40th Birthday. 7pm – 2am. kenny clayton on piano. disco.
Tues 20th Julia Streets annual city shindig. Bob Parks conference in the garden room. Excellent teaming.
Wed 21st Will Ashon’s Chamber Music. Granta Book Launch. It’s all about The Wu Tang Clan. Hip Hop at the ready. Mc’s and Dj’s! 7.30.
Thurs 22 Member Johnny Hannah’s exhibition opening PV 6-11 and Book Launch A_Z – Fast Cars and Ukuleles. Gallery and bar 6pm til late
Fri 23rd 7pm til late. Adah Parris Christmas party – A lil more Conversation please… inbetween the dancing.
Saturday 24th Lavender Nights Hosted by Gareth jo and Joe. Dj’s performance and a lot of fun. Members 5 Guests 7. If you want to combine with a small party deals can be done on entrance.
Tues 27th Life Drawing 6.30-8.40
Fri 30th – The Roadhouse in combination with The London Screenwriters fest. David Wilkinson, prod. Toby Osmond, actor, Chris Jones Screenwriter. That will be some industry party.
Saturday 1st still available.