From @147WomenDinnerParty came Podcast @Shadowspies

During lockdown  Mandee and I were working away at 147womenDP making these pots! I went to Hampstead  to meditate on the heath and told my friend Danielle Neary  who said – lets do a podcast. So we did with the help of Chloe Smith, Jordan Jacksons song, Carson Parkin-Fairley on social media, we launched just after Christmas.

The idea is to talk about women’s incredible achievements, interviewing guests who can illuminate their lives and we can ask questions, talk about  what they’ve overcome to get where they got. ITs funny, clever, sometimes sad, sometimes angry. AT least its a conversation . We’re talking about Women’s success, not apologising for succeeding! Download, have a listen, ShadowSpies is on all good podcasters including Spotify Apple Google etc If you enjoy please Share.

This is the latest one an Interview with Dear Irma Kurtz