Exciting News – @147WomenDinnerParty is finished….

This Teapot is dedicated to Mary Wollstonecraft, many see her as the mother of Feminism as well as the mother of Mary Shelley but she was much more than that. A Teapot symbolises refreshment and nourishment, comfort and joy. To have Equal Rights for all women would do this too. This is part of an Installation @147WomenDinnerParty. Sophie Parkin + Mandee Gage have made 147 pieces and dedicated them to women of Britain who should be better remembered. Showing in The Stash Gallery from 10th February – 2nd. If you wish to attend a PV on the 11th please RSVP in events http://vout-o-reenees.com/event/pv147-women-dinner-party-an-installation-by-sophie-parkin-mandee-gage/.


If you want to listen to the project we are here on @ShadowSpies https://open.spotify.com/episode/61LRKHPgwe2Ih7D5ZnYROj?si=PtCNLuTlT0GqclkrfXz4xg

The exhibition goes from 11 Feb 22, until 26th at The Stash Gallery @Vouts,

The Beecroft Southend 5.3.22 -28.3.22

Broomhill Estate Gallery Devon  8.4.22 – 2.5.22

Left pot to Emily Williamson    Right pot dedicated to Moina Mathers