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Wed 27 Jun 2018 18:00 - 23:00

120th Anniversary Epworth School 6pm

Dear fellow Epworthian ,   As you are likely to know, Epworth celebrates its 120th anniversary this year on 3rd August. It’s a story of real FIDA HUMANA FORTIS of which we are all a part.

Thu 28 Jun 2018 19:00 - 23:00

Artists talk and Cate Halpins Happy Birthday

Artists talk Kate McBride and Cate Halpin talk politics, animals and the fallibility of Humans 7pm. Before cake and bubbles for Cates Birthday. This exhibition has been part sponsored by GreatArt kingsland rd.

Thu 05 Jul 2018 18:00 - 23:50

The Tell

The Tell  is a NYC event  of music and storytelling hosted by Michael Leviton at The Jane Hotel ballroom guesting in London for a one off and fresh from Paris. Expect the unexpected This is a Free event donations appreciated.

Fri 20 Jul 2018 18:00 - 23:55

Medium Kool Social – film networking

Greg Hall Presents A must be meet and mingle with directors, producers ,actors,  casting dir, costume, writers, camera and lighting….