March/April Diary Whats Happening at Vouts?

Reminder  Diary for March – Half price for shows including The Westbrooks Dufy! Only for Members.

Friday 17th Closing Party for Molls Show. If you’ve bought a painting ideal opportunity to pick up, and I don’t just mean a painting!  MOLLY PARKIN IN ATTENDANCE!

21st Life Drawing Every Tuesday unless stated. 6.40-8.40 £5 for members, £9 for Guests.

22nd March Photoshoot of Drag Queen fabuloso Cookie mon STAR! for performance at the club on Friday 5th May – Drag me to the piano goes to the Movies. Old Style Glamour.

23rd- 6pm on all evening…. Greg Halls Medium Kool Social – Calling All Film Peeps for socialisation and creation get together, tell your mates to tell their mates who are actors writers directors producers etc.

24th 7pm  RED RAW  Sophie Cameron Variety Showtime presents VD Day! If you like raw dirty humour this is an update of the Monologues with some of the best, funniest Vaginas telling you how it is. Not for the  pedestrian smug or  narrow minded! I will be reading my piece!

Saturday 25th Rubyelle 50th Birthday with disco.

Monday 27th Jan to Malaga for 10 days

Tuesday 28th Life Drawing 6.40

Wednesday 29th -7th April Old Style Hollywood Film Festival. Emily and I have chosen a few of our favourites, starting with Blonde Venus/ Morocco (in reply to Geert Wilders!) Starring our Marlene D. Free popcorn.  Free film and atmosphere!

Thursday 30th 7.30pm  The Women – one of the best Hollywood Films ever – its full of feisty funny smart cracking Women- No girls here. Great script.

Friday 31st 7.30pm The Palm Beach Story written and dir Preston Sturges funny clever surreal stylishly brilliant Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea Mary Astor.

Saturday April 1st – Jazzing the old Way with veteran Jazz dj Paul Murphy. If you love dancing and Jazz this is your night. Laid back yet upbeat.

Tuesday 4th  Life Drawing

Wednesday 5th 7.30pm All About Eve. More Oscars than LALALAnd! Bette Davis and George Sanders tour de force. Buckle up your seatbelts you’re in for a bumpy ride!

Thursday  6th 7.30pm Sweet Charity and Mame if you are good! All singing all dancing all campery!

Friday  7th 7.30pm Myra Breckinbridge by Gore Vidal with Mae West and Raquel Welsh!

Saturday 8th HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!  come as your favourite dead Hollywood star! Best costume prizes, karaoke musical and dance and high kick the night away. Darlings we still have the stars!