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Fake AS Fuck! by Marty Thornton A fashion show of wearable art.

You have been especially invited to see Pop Artist Marty Thorntons new work. He is staging a fashion show at Vout-O-Reenees the surrealist Arts Club. His new collection is ready to wear one offs totally original and hand painted on vintage leather jackets. His pieces are being worn by the Glitterati of LA and Ibiza.

Sophie Parkin

In the Stash Gallery - Know Yourself - Sophie Parkin's Palladium's her new and older work is a study of self-portraits as other women forgotten by time who should be better remembered. As women we see ourselves within each other, melding our lives and identities with other women is a natural thing when all our

The Producers – The funny Hitler bits

We might have had press freedom taken away, we might be careering into an abscess of megalomania Narcissism - Toad of toad hall at the steering wheel But at least us Brits know how to laugh at ourselves.... occasionally we'll need some help from the brilliant beauty Mel Brooks. The original and still the best.

Tier two – Re-opening and charity Book sale ….

No Entry without tickets - We will be Opening¬Ý at 4pm - 11pm (last orders 10). We will be serving Substantial meals . ¬£5 one choice always veggie unless otherwise stated, which will be more expensive. Rules from Govt hse mean no alcohol can be served without a Substantial Meal!¬Ý Featuring a different classic chef

Awakenings – Dan Llywelyn Hall PV Thurs 3 sept 6-10pm

¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬Ý ¬ÝRecent paintings, prints and drawings Dan Llywelyn Hall 3-26 Sept, 2020   A new series of paintings inspired by the mystical landscape of Avebury take centre-stage in the exhibition. Another feature is Dan‚Äôs recent collaboration with poets such as The

John Lennon is Not Dead – he’s 80! 3-9.30pm socially distanced celebration

‚ÄòJohn Lennon‚Äôs Not Dead‚Äô curated by Harry Pye at¬Ý The Stash Gallery ¬Ý John Lennon was born on October the 9th¬Ý1940 to mark his 80th¬Ýanniversary 80 artists have made a work inspired by Lennon‚Äôs life and work.¬ÝJohn Lennon‚Äôs Not Dead¬Ýwill feature; drawings, paintings, photography, and collage. There will also be some specially made music and