Sat 29 Jun 2019 20:00 - Sun 30 Jun 2019 1:30

The Minor Characters (otherwise known as Robertas Band to members)

Entrance: £7.00

Having played supporting characters in some dudes’ bands in past lives, Ellie (vox, guitar), Roberta (drums), Sarah (vox, bass) and Tiia (vox, keys) joined forces in the latter half of 2017 with a singular purpose: to make the world weep on command.

Bored of pretension and loud male nonsense, and fuelled by a sense that their lifetime quotas of heartbreak were close to being met, The Minor Characters took to the sky like birds in flight with music as their lover. With varied influences (obvs), they wanted to go back to the roots of simple, tuneful pop songs, inciting folk to seduce an unsuspecting dreampop into a marriage that was only ever gonna be sadcore. Well, that’s relationships for you.
beatniks amongst you will know what the ref is I hope! Roberta is on drums!