Wed 03 Apr 2019 18:00 - 23:00

PV – Culture! Art V Gangs – 6-10pm

Preview of art donated for the auction on the 11th April for
You can come see the work and bid, includes art by
Peter Blake, Molly Parkin, Nicola Hicks, John Claridge Sophy Rickett, Cedric Christie, Cathy De Monchoux, Cate Halpin, Cedric Christie, Lily Dean, Paul Sakoilsky, Brian Dawn Chalkey, Kate Westbrook, Roxana Halls, Mervyn Syn, Jonny Hannah, Marty Thornton, Mike Thorn, Wilma Johnson, Colin Rhodes, Martin Richman,Geraldine Swayne, Adam Dant, Rebecca leigh, Beverly Manson, Jennifer Binney, Joe Sakoilsky, Sarah Lucas, Patrick Hughes, Mervyn Syn, Morganico, Sophie Parkin.Jorge Mondero.Geoff Brurnel, Buttress and Snatch. Magnus Irvin Sue Dray. Sally Jones Keeler&Tornero.

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