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The Magma Group show – The Dance of Stillness PV 15th May 6-11

15 May 2019 @ 12:00 am - 19 May 2019 @ 12:00 am

’Dance of Stillness’ recognises an incongruence between the two opposing states of motion (as suggested by dance) and stillness. The apparent dichotomy between these states is explored on a number of levels in this exhibition. At the quantum level of existence any sub atomic particle of uncertain location can be said to be simultaneously a moving wave in a topsy turvy world which defies how we understand our everyday reality. At the macro level we can consider the movement of large masses of people, as with the current migration in Europe, contrasted against the unsettled stillness at their destination points. In a Buddhist sense it is possible to be calm and still within whilst moving around in our daily lives.
The theme encompasses a consideration of the contrast between movement and stillness, or the transition between the two states. Some works will consider a moment of stillness whilst others will look at ways of portraying movement.

Siro Carraro
Siro’s work is theatrical and primitive. He is an artist who very much believes in the ability to use the power of colour as a tool to tell stories.

Dagmar Dost Nolden
Dagmar’s work stems from her interest in the subjective, and the search for that something hidden, something behind or between given ‘realities’.

Michael Hutchison
Michael is a London based artist from Scotland. His current series, ’Invisible Cities’, aims to explore the point at which the distinction between man-made and organic start to blur.

Carolina Khouri
Carolina is a Polish-Lebanese artist based in London. Predominantly an abstract painter, she also works with other media such as video recordings, objects, sculptures and installations.

Melinda Matyas
Melinda’s work is a reflection on society. In her paintings she weaves together personal and collective memories to address the 21st century human being.

Gary William Myatt
Gary’s work results from the subconscious explorations, as each project evolves through a process of sketching, sculpting, photography, drawing and painting.

Gina Southgate (main pic)
Gena is reputed on the international jazz scene where she paints live. She also performs audio visually with musicians, creating real-time installations and vibrant, nuanced abstract paintings.

Annie Zamero
Annie’s satirical series shows public figures set in an art historical context, using the idea of the political cartoon as a piece of fine art, so humour is an important element in these works.


15 May 2019 @ 12:00 am
19 May 2019 @ 12:00 am
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