James Johnston – The Devil Doesn’t Know 2020


Acrylic + Gold Paste 76cm x 61cm on Linen Canvas stretcher

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Johnston’s work is  figuratively expressionist. The energy that he captures on canvas is hard to explain from a screen, all you will see is the image, but another kind of hypnotic magic is going on. It is best explained with a Welsh word Hiraeth a sort of Nostalgic longing hangs around the paint not in a sad way, but  in reality it is simply Meraki. He has left little pieces of his soul in each of his paintings, and you will either recognise it or not. If you do, you know this is a painting you will keep on looking at and never tire, for there is always something new within it.

James Johnston(b1966) is an artist and  a musician. He is renowned for his music in bands  Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave &the bad seeds and for working with PJ Harvey and Lydia Lunch.  He has exhibitions of his figurative darkly humorous work at The Stash Gallery  2019and  Quo Vadis private members club 2019.