The Colony Room Book – Regular Edition


from Francis Bacon to Sarah Lucas and everyone in-between.

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The Colony Room Club was  not just a club, it was the meeting place of what would be come to be understood as the cognoscenti of artistic  post war Britain. As the government tried to rebuild the country financially and morally, the same thing was happening by the membership of The Colony, reimagining and creating a whole new language in painting, filmmaking, writing, dance and music  through 60years.

This 60 year history of one of the most important gathering spaces in the country, was sadly not saved by The National Trust but the stories  and history of this time and place have been saved in this book. This is the original and authenticated history of The Colony Room Club 1948- 2008 – A history of Bohemian Soho by Sophie Parkin.

Sophie Parkin will sign and dedicate if you would like. There are only 50 copies left of this regular edition pub in 2013. There is no Paperback. Images used are from peoples private collections, unless otherwise stated Over 50 original interviews. When it has gone there are no more.

Please write me a note if you’d like it signed and who too. incl P+P