Rules is Rules + 10 Reasons why you should be a member.

The Ten Commandments of the surrealistically distinguished.

1) Thou Shalt Not be Boring (please turn off your phone, laptop, mind etc).

2) Thou Shalt always be able to pronounce the drink you want whilst upright.

3) Thou Shalt always be responsible for your guests/spouse/relations.

4) Thou Shalt always pay your membership dues + outstanding bar bill.

5) Thou Shalt not gain entry with small children or idiots without prior consent.

6) Thou Shalt always love and respect the staff (Hands off -Never Biblically).

7) Thou Shalt have NO dress codes unless we say otherwise to be Very Fancy.

8) Thou Shalt NOT publish photo’s or gossip without our full consent.

9) Thou Shalt endeavour to only ever bring your 4 nicest friends/guests, any more, give us a call and we will try our very best to accommodate you all.

10) Thou shalt never bring drugs into Vout-O-Reenee’s. Drug Free Zone. No Drugs/No Joke.

10 great reasons to be a member of Vout-O-Reenees.

The benefits of supporting this fine august establishment of Art, Music, Film and Literature.

1) Half price entrance to  ticketed events. except charity ones or stated.

2) No service charge on bills, non members automatically pay 10%.

3) entry into the Vouts world of joy.

4) You can use the club  For a birthday, book launch  or event parties etc. If you wish to put on a show! your own/favourite film night, perform your own play,  play in your own band etc as long as you have an audience we have a place for you to express yourself. For Basic Costs to be decided by management.

5) Membership to the funniest silliest and most entertaining Whatsapp group that sustained us all through the lockdowns.

6) Exhibit in the gallery under the curatorial eye.

7) Wonderful other members who become friends.

8) 10% off art in The Stash Gallery for members only. You’d be a fool not to! This includes online work too.

9)  Use of The Union Club in Greek St  when you’re in Town; We have a reciprocal agreement.

10)  If you bring in a friend as a member to join our club, we will give you a bottle of  champagne as a thank you!


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