Sophie Parkin : SP as Nancy Cunard


oil on linen canvas //30×40 incl P+P UK


Part of an ongoing series of Lost but not Forgotten Women resurrected as Self Portraits. Sophie paints herself into Woman she admires who seem to have been nudged off the radar when their contemporary males still swim in the limelight.

Nancy Cunard was a politically pioneering feminist, anti racist, publisher, writer, poet  from the Cunard family who spent her wealth on promotion of difficult causes, flouting convention and bourgeoise attitudes through the 20’s /30s / 40’s/50’s . She died in obscure poverty in the 60’s, disinherited.

Sophie Parkin b1961 B.F.A -Artist writer owner of Vout-O-reenees. Trained st Martins, Leeds, Maidstone. Last one man show The Stash Gallery July 2020.