What’s happening, man?
Vout-o-Reenee’s schedule of shenanigans

Wed 22 Jan 2020 - Sat 15 Feb 2020

Jah Wobbles Paintings – Towerblocks and Sunsets

. Known better as a musician John Wardle (jah Wobble) has always been painting. As he starts a new tour with his first gig at The Jazz Café Camden The Stash will be showing a selection of his obsessions, tower blocks and sunsets. the show continues until 15th feb.   PV wed 22nd 6-10 RSVP … Read More …

Tue 28 Jan 2020 18:00 - 23:00

Tues Life Drawing 6.30-8.40

Byronny Models. Beginners to professionals welcome. come and connect your hand eye co-ordination with your meditative process. Plus its fun.  

Fri 07 Feb 2020 - Sat 08 Feb 2020

Robertas Naked Lunch disco 7-2am

You Know the fabulous Roberta? If you don’t why not come and meet her spinning her tracks dancing in heels you or I would fall off.; Looking divine ,drinking Atomic Cocktails.  and here she is with her bandmates the minor characters…  what else you gonna do on a friday night?   AND  a great outfit … Read More …

Fri 14 Feb 2020 - Sat 15 Feb 2020

Dirty Heartbreaking sexy Blues? Suzanne and George do Valentines

Sick of overpriced restaurants for that date on valentines? We promise our prices will stay the same and we wont try and flog you wilting roses. Have a delicious cocktail or a bottle of champagne,  listen to some great jazz and some filthy blues… now that’s Romance. Nibble on some bar snacks – nobody wants … Read More …

Wed 01 Apr 2020 18:00 - 23:00

You People – Nikita Lalwani Book Launch

Vout-O-Reenees is proud to launch Nikita Lalwani’s new book YOU PEOPLE. ‘Enthralling as a thriller, yet also beautiful human drama, and a serious enquiry into the possibilities of goodness’ Tessa Hadley ‘Intelligent and heart-piercing – an exceptional novel about the Britain we live in, even if we choose not to see it.’ Kamila Shamsie ‘A … Read More …