Thu 13 Oct 2016 19:00 - 23:00

The Absent Therapist 2 – (Another) live performance. Will Eaves is “funny and heartbreaking”

Entrance: £5.00

“Funny how seeing someone swallow in their sleep, lying next to you, can bring a lump to your throat. You think, ‘I love this person.’ You can never tell them what you’ve seen. You tie a wish-knot inside your head.”

So runs a complete paragraph in this book by Will Eaves. I call it a book for want of a more precise term. It’s not a novel, even though it’s described as such on the cover, and Eaves has written novels before, most recently This Is Paradise, about the highs and lows of family life. He is also a poet, which shows from time to time: that “tie a wish-knot inside your head” has definite leanings towards poetry, and tantalisingly hovers on the borders of mawkishness.

But it’s one of the few moments where The Absent Therapist does so…..The Guardian – Nicholas Lezards Choice