Sat 22 Feb 2020 17:00 - 23:50

The Night of 100 Euros- if you are European we want You to Party xxxx

Since the EU Referendum vote in 2016 so many citizens of the EU27 countries have been made to feel unwelcome in the UK.

Millions of citizens of the United Kingdom appreciate and welcome our association with all those citizens of the EU27 especially those who have come to live and work in our country.

We value the contribution they have made, not just to our economy, but to our culture.

To celebrate this association of European citizens filmmaker David Wilkinson and private member club owner Sophie Parkin are having a “thank you” event for all artists and artistes of the EU27 who live and work in London.

So if you paint, draw, sing, act, film, dance, play music etc settled status or not come and join us. There will be music, European Cheese , French wine and a warm welcome.

We want you to stay and continue living and working here. Come and join lots of Brits who will fight on your behalf to ensure the freedoms you enjoyed before 31st January 2020 Remain in place.

No Brexiters. Of course.

(Paid bar I am afraid but entrance is FREE)