Thu 26 Mar 2020 17:30 - 23:45

POSPONED The Night of 100 Euros – Artists from Europe we celebrate you!

Tonight we celebrate Europeans!
There are many people who we love, whatever their nationality. The current casual racism being bandied about is unacceptable to most British people. We loved being part of Europe, we remember that there was only one place you could get a decent coffee pre (bar Italia) nowhere for decent food in the mass and as for our fashion sense pre…. look at Thatcher. What has happened with art is even more extraordinary. Let us come together as one. Celebrate what we have in common with our language Art. Art doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

There will be performances.

David Wilkinson and I did this on February 22nd, mostly for actors and film people but it was such a success of love and joy that we’d like to repeat it. This is aimed at artists but if you are a lover of the arts come along too. we’d love to meet you. Sophie –

Its free but    RSVP Please