Fri 20 Sep 2019 18:00 - 23:00

PV -Frank Gray paints Lowry – Paintings from Mrs Lowry + Son

Exhibition of some of The Lowry’s from Mrs Lowry & Son                           Plus Norfolk landscapes by Frank Gray

Frank Gray says ‘My work is predominantly landscape, uncertainly figurative referencing chaos theory, thermodynamics, fractals and geomorphology. Subjects tend to include boundaries, both physical and perceived, transgressive and resistive.
Production is by responsive incremental problem solving without a defined goal. It is wholly collaborative with the materials, gravity and the environment. The intent, the methodology and the completed work are prepensely equivocal.
The L. S. Lowry copies were commissioned for the film Mrs Lowry and Son. I liaised with Claire Stewart, curator at The Lowry, and completed the works over a six week period using alkyd paints to accelerate drying times.
I am currently collaborating with the artist Michael Crompton developing an environmental project which is symbolically based on the Intonarumori (Noise Machines) built by Italian futurist Luigi Russolo and Ugo Piatti in the early 20th century.’