Sat 20 Jan 2018 19:30 - Sun 21 Jan 2018 2:00

A Night of the 1000 Marlene’s

Entrance: £8.00

Up Yer Weimar presents A NIGHT OF A 1000 MARLENES

Christmas is OVER forget about it! Greet in the new year with our FAVE Queer//Style icon Marlene Dietrich.

Come as your fave Marlene whether it be Gorilla suit Blonde Venus Marlene, Seven Sinners captain Marlene or Slightly ageing taped up face broken leg Marlene……Don’t fancy Marlene? Fine come as one of her girlfriends fancy Mercedes De Acosta Lupe Velez Claudette Colbert or Edith Piaf(seen kissing) or Joe Carstairs?? ! Theres also a choice or Frank Sinatra, George Bernard Shaw or John Gilbert or John Wayne!

No? Well come light us good, and be Josef Von Sternberg

Musical stylings by Stav Bee
Marlene Dietrich Drag by Peter Groom

Fun fun fun!! Tickets available