Fri 15 Mar 2019 18:00 - Fri 29 Mar 2019 23:00

Herrenplaats -Rotterdam’s Outsider Art Institute comes to London!

Exhibition goes on til 30th March
Edward Teeuw
When Edward was about 18 years old, he started to paint and created a passion for it.
Surrealism and other madness are some things you can see in his art.
There are comparisons with Picasso as well as there are with African art.

City Scapes
Debajo del sombrero, Matadero Madrid: Angel Luis Sastre, Jorge Bermejo and Andrés Fernandez. Drawings (ink on paper).
Atelier Herenplaats: Laan Irojojo
Artism The Hague: Gert van ‘t Riet

Galerie Atelier Herenplaats
Schietbaanstraat 1
3014 ZT Rotterdam, The Netherlands