Sat 22 Apr 2017 19:30 - 23:00

Hitchcocks The Lodger with live musical score by Steve Gellatly.

Entrance: £8.00

Ever heard of Harpo Marx? The poor sod lasted just two weeks as a silent film pianist- and it’s no wonder. Harpo only knew two songs which he could rotate, speeding up or slowing down his fingers in hopes of fitting the music to the action on the screen. Luckily, Steve Gellatly has  a few more songs up his sleeve to fit the action on the screen.  Scientist by day, composer and pianist by night, he has written and performed live scores for films such as The Son of the Sheik, Nosferatu, Sunrise and The Lodger.


An Early silent film by the master – Alfred Hitchcock and starring Ivor Novello as the “Lodger”. Made in 1927 this was 4 years before M by Peter Lorre but has alot of that foreboding.
This “suspense” film deals with a “Jack the Ripper” type killer in the streets of smog filled London and a mysterious Lodger that comes to stay at a lodging house where he slowly falls under suspicion of being the killer.